Blue nemophila curry looks disgusting though

Blue nemophila curry looks disgusting though

Have you ever seen a dish which could reduce appetite like this?
Curry is very popular as home cooking in Japan but this one is likely to an exception because of the gross look.

The blue color is blessing from petals of Nemophila

Nemophila, mainly native to the western United States, are annual flowers and most bloom in the spring.
As a awesome sightseeing spot of the blue beauty, Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki, Japan is the most famous spot which has 4.5 million nemophilas (baby blue eyes) paint the 3.5-hectare Miharashi Hills light blue.

Blue nemophila curry looks disgusting though_2

The nemophila curry is a controversial dish at named Garden Restaurant in the huge park, and we can buy it as a prank souvenir at ¥480($4.5) for a portion.
In the case we cook at home, just heat in a microwave oven for around 5 minutes, then pour on rice.
The taste, a bit milder than general curry, is actually good against our expectations.

Blue nemophila curry looks disgusting though_1

The blue flower carpet is located about 2 hours from Ueno station, Tokyo and I recommend it for people who are tired of usual sightseeings appeared in guide books.
You can see more details in English on the website, and I hope you could enjoy the blue experience as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for reading to the end.