Japanese answers Tokyo 2020 Olympics questions for foreigners


Finally, we’re now to have Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 6 months, and the excitement has gone up day by day over Japan. Today, I’d like to answer some remarkable and specific questions, that foreigners seem to struggle to understand, on the basis of the latest local information.

Still possible to get a same day ticket in Japan?

Basically, the most tickets have been already sold by drawing lots on the official website, but they say that the same day tickets are supposed to be sold at official shops in Tokyo from around April. So we don’t need to get rid of the hope even on the day!

How about circumstances of accommodation in Tokyo?

Any accommodations like major hotels or cheap hostels in Tokyo still have vacancies to book, but the prices are gradually going up. As an advice from Japanese, you should look for accommodations in neighboring prefectures near Tokyo like Saitama or Chiba for the price and comfort. I tell you 2 great booking sites bellow for reference to book. Book for now then think later!

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How’s climate like during the period?

For the period from 24 July to 9 August, I can easily guess that we’re gonna have very hot days over 30 decrees in the Japanese summer. You should be fine just to wear a T-shirt, short, and sandals something like that. Please not to pack many clothes as you can buy it very cheap at Uniqlo or GU.

This time, I just answered 3 questions that foreigners seem to be hard to know overseas, but am glad to have more questions through the facebook page below. Thanks for reading to the end.

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