3 Japanese cold noodles instead of Ramen bowls during summer

Are you sure to eat hot Ramen bowls during the scorching summer days? Even if you’re truly a Ramen lover, you should know that there’re classic cold noodles which Japanese prefer to eat especially in summer. This could be a good opportunity to increase your opinions for noodles.


Eat cold noodles to cool down from inside!


Somen, sometimes compared to white yarn, is the thinnest noodle in Japan and go down so smoothly because of the softness. Usually, it’s better to put some condiments like onion or Japanese ginger as you like into a cup of noodle soup base and eat while dipping the tasty sauce.

Zaru Soba

Zaru soba, cooled down rapidly after boiling, features the chewiness and smell. Choosing the topping like tempura, grated yam, or natto is quite fun, and this also needs a cup of noodle soup base with wasabi to dip. Zaru Udon is also the same except for the noodle type.

Hiyashi Chuka

Hiyashi Chuka is a particularly good noodle dish when you have no appetite due to hotness. Sour sauce poured on the noodle helps you to take away tiredness. I could say that Hiyashi Chuka is like a salad noodle because of the colorful ingredients. Stir thoroughly from the bottom of plate before eating.

How are the cold noodles for you? Actually, cold pasta is also popular especially among young people and might be a good choice to have the first cold noodle dish. As a little advice, only Somen shop is a bit difficult to find out on the streets in Japan. But you can buy the noodle easily and cook in a few minutes at home. Thanks a lot for reading.