Japanese fast food MOS BURGER can satisfy your taste

Japanese fast food MOS BURGER can satisfy your taste

When hearing a burger shop of fast foods in your country, which one do you come to mind? McDonald, Burger King, or KFC? For Japanese people, we can have another choice which is named MOS BURGER. It’s called “mosu burger” or just “mosu” among Japanese people.


It’s simply the tastiest in any burger shops, and there’re some reasons of that

Freshly cooked

They always start to cook after having your order, so we can always eat our meal hot. It sounds like a matter of course, but quite important to make burgers and flies more delicious.

Organic foodstuffs

All vegetables are made in Japan and taken care not to use an agricultural chemical. And the place of origin, nutrition, allergy and stuff like that are clearly indicated.

If I gave examples of the weakness of MOS, it would be a bit later serves and higher price than other burger shops. But the taste of MOS surely makes you forget these small things. I do recommend that you have it once when you’re in Japan, and my recommendation for foreigners is ‘Rice burger’ used rice buns instead of bread. Enjoy your meal!