Why you should avoid traveling to Japan around June

Are you now thinking to travel to Japan after COVID-19 deregulation? If you haven’t booked the ticket yet, you’d better consider the season to visit Japan. Do you know that Japan has the rainy season, called ‘Tsuyu’ in Japanese, around June apart from four seasons?


The rainy season lasts for a month at least

In the rainy season, most Japanese people get depressed especially for commuting. Though just walking outside in the rain while taking care others in a crowd is tough, the high humidity makes us feel like a mild sauna wherever we are. The words like muggy or sticky are frequently heard through the season.

Start of the rainy season is different depending on the area

The rainy season starts from Okinawa, locates at the southernmost of Japan, around the beginning of May. The seasonal rain front gradually goes toward the north, and it means that Tokyo, locates at the center of Japan, hasn’t entered the rainy season yet as of today. This year, Tokyo is likely to have from June 12 to the end of July. Important thing is to know how the rainy condition goes where you visit in advance, or avoiding June itself could be a smart choice. 

Ajisai calls for any rain to be lovely

But it’s not all negative things. You can see beautiful hydrangeas, called ’Ajisai’ in Japanese, only during the rainy season. Seeing flowers wet with rain in person should be nice even under the bad weather. I suggest that you bring a folding umbrella or a rain poncho in your suitcase, but you can also purchase rainy goods anywhere in Japan.

When the rainy season seems to end, Japan Meteorological Agency usually has the declaration in the media. Find the best timing to enjoy Japan for you, and have a safe trip!