The only 3 things to eat Sushi like Japanese people

Have you ever wondered how Japanese people eat sushi? As for traditional dishes abroad, I believe that we should simply imitate the local people to have maximum fun. Try to imitate first, then choose your style to enjoy dishes.


The taste can be better depending on you

Actually, there’re some manners or tips to eat sushi, but you just remember 3 things which can bring good effects on your meal.

1, Eat with your hands not chopsticks

Many non-Japanese people believe that any Japanese dishes are eaten with chopsticks. But sushi is exceptional. Forget complicated sticks and just pick up rice and topping together with your fingers. The simple way is even a key to feel good tastes directly. Of course, you can use chopsticks but who takes the trouble?

2, Dip only topping in soy sauce

In sushi restaurants, I often see that tourists deeply dip sushi rice in soy sauce. The wrong way makes whole sushi too salty and kill the delicate flavor of toppings. Dipping just half of the topping is enough. And I also see them trying to separate rice and topping with chopsticks before eating. Hopefully, I’d like them to think why sushi chefs make together in hands with skill and heart.

3, Nibble pickled ginger sometimes

There’s something you should not forget while eating sushi. That’s pickled ginger called ‘gari’. Pickled ginger is effective to refresh the mouth and basically served for free. After eating especially strong flavor of toppings, pickled ginger gives you a big help for next sushi.

Sushi is surely traditional Japanese dish but not necessary to be nervous. The most important thing is to enjoy your meal with relax. But if you can do these 3 things naturally in front of Japanese people, you definitely have much respect from us.