How to make a lantern with a smartphone for emergencies

Massive earthquake at around Fukushima last night reminded us of Great East Japan Earthquake. Because of the influence, many places were blackout for a long time even Tokyo where I live. Today, I’d like to tell you how to make an instant lantern which is helpful when you lose lights.


Prepare a smartphone and plastic bottle or bag

In case of choosing a plastic bottle, put some water inside and set on a smartphone while turning on the light. For a plastic bag, just put the smartphone in it and pull the drawstring of the shut. Please refer to the photo below for the way of a plastic bottle.

The point you should care to use the lantern is a remaining battery. You’re supposed to face further difficulty if it defeats the purpose of a smartphone itself.

Avoiding natural disasters is quite hard for us, but anybody can prepare for that with knowledge and wisdom. In Japan, huge earthquakes called inland earthquake or Nankai megathrust earthquake are expected to occur in a few decades. We should not only have the survival kit but also make sure how to act in advance.