Who knows Tempura is not original Japanese dish

People who believe that Tempura is a Japanese original dish should quite a few. Even me Japanese, there’d been no doubt about it for a long time till I read an article on BBC the other day. But this is the truth, modern Japanese people have to accept, that the origin of Tempura came from a european country by a ship.


Portuguese brought a traditional fried green beans dish

In 1543, three portuguese who confirmed as the first european visitors to Japan, made a deal of soap, cigaret, wool, and even recipes between Japan and Portugal. But all portuguese have to leave Japan in 1639 because the shogun, Mr.Iemitsu, believed that christians bring evil influences to Japan. Among great gifts on the deal during about 100 years, their traditional dish called peixinhos da horta, which is the origin of Tempura, especially got many Japanese hooked.

peixinhos da horta

Word root of Tempura is from Tempora in Latin

Some of Japanese, who are impressed with the tasty fried green beans, had tried vegetables or seafoods as the alternative ingredients, and most of them were welcomed as the Japanese Tempura for many people. The one of typical Japanese home cooking is a little bit expensive for eating out, but Tenya is chain Tempura restaurants that you can easily eat it cheap on the streets in Japan. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.