Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2021 regardless of COVID

Do you support an announcement that Tokyo Olympics will go ahead next year with or without COVID? The latest statement by John Coates, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, has now got controversial between the pros and cons. Today, I’d like to consider this issue from the standpoint of a Japanese with current situation in Tokyo.


The Games are scheduled to start on July 23, 2021

For me as a Japanese, I’m honestly pleased that Tokyo Olympics will take place next year here in Tokyo. But most people should be concerned about the situation of COVID not only in Tokyo but also over Japan.

How many infected people are found per day in Tokyo?

Knowing the number should be quite important to judge whether the Games is held. As long as I see the report of infections every day, it changes between 100 and 300 people in total over Japan. Actually, 276 infected people were found today and the infections seem to subside gradually. For more reference, total number of infected people and death toll in Japan are 73,221 and 1,406 as of September 11, 2020.

How about a possibility to postpone again?

I have to say ‘No’ because Japanese Games chief Yoshiro Mori clearly said Tokyo Games would have to be cancelled if there were not held in 2021. Explaining this decision, IOC President Thomas Bach also said

You cannot forever employ 3,000 to 5,000 people in an organising committee. You cannot every year change the entire sports schedule worldwide of all the major federations.

Do you agree that Tokyo Olympics is held as scheduled? According to the latest survey in Japan, only 25% of Japanese support to take place in 2021, and most of them are skeptical without the vaccine. Lastly, I’d like to tell you about a statement by Mr Coates.

Now very much these will be the Games that conquered Covid, the light at the end of the tunnel.