What Sakura flavor actually tastes like


Sakura, cherry blossom, is a typical flower of Japan and attracts people by any aspects. Around the season of blooming cherry blossoms, a lot of ingredients which have Sakura flavor come out anywhere in Japan. The circumstances might be quite similar to that many ingredients of pumpkin are on store shelves around Halloween in your countries. For people who are not so close to the pinky flower, it seems to be hard to imagine the taste.


Sakura flavor tastes a bit sweet with a scent of the flower

The taste is a little bit complicated to explain by a simple word, but I could say it’s simply like soft flavor of cherries. To be honest, I don’t think Sakura flavor is acceptable for many people especially foreigners because it doesn’t clearly complain the taste on our tongue. Except for letting us know that spring has come, we only could enjoy the scent and color once during cherry blossoms bloom.

What can we easily get of Sakura flavor?

Actually, there’re so many ingredients to be sold by sort of food companies, and some of the popular ones seal regular position for every spring. We can see the attractive sweets on the streets from close brands like Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, KitKat and so on.

Red Bull covered with cherry blossoms has Sakura flavor
Have you ever seen a cute energy drink like this? Since releasing on Feb 9 in Japan, it's been a hot topic among ex...

I would recommend that you enjoy these sweets with Sake during the Hanami festival to touch the Japanese distinctive culture.