Day of a general Japanese office worker in Tokyo

Just a 10 minutes video closely covered a typical Japanese office worker, got a lot of ironical comments from over the world because of the work style. For me as a general Japanese salaryman, he seemed to spend a lively day as being willing to work at least.


Japanese salaryman generally work from 9am to 5pm

We usually work 7 hours in a day except for 1 hour break, and have overtime work as a matter of course. The work environment in Japan is said to gradually get better but there’re exhausted office workers who are tied to their workplaces till the last trains around the midnight in fact. Anyway, let’s watch a day in the life of a typical Japanese salaryman below.

Surprisingly, he still works at home after leaving his office, but it’s not unusual in Japan. Some office workers also pop in cafes to work on the laptops on the way home. Such as the hard works everyday sometimes pick up as one of the causes for increasing to commit suicide.


No one would like to be workaholic from choice

Working more than 7 hours including overtime work is like a silent mandatory from bosses. If someone leaves a workplace with no overtime work before the boss, the behavior should be accepted as a lack of common sense, and probably scolded after a few times.

Some people understand that important thing to work is not the length but the quality. But as a way to show enthusiasm to work, Japanese office workers still tend to have ‘how long they stay in their workplaces’ to follow the meaningless tradition. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.