Fresh seafood at Tsukiji outer market is still the best in Tokyo

Would you like to eat fresh seafood at a classic fish market in Tokyo? Tsukiji market, the world biggest fish market, should be the place to fulfill your desire even after much of the functions moved to Toyosu market in October, 2016.


Crucial part of Tsukiji market still lives in the same place

The move was a quite big topic over Japan as the historical market had been for 83 years since 1935. But the one happy thing for people who love Tsukiji market is that the traditional role to bring fresh seafood still works in the same place as an outer market.

What Tsukiji outer market is in short

I could simply say that Tsukiji outer market is like casual food streets which are livened up by fresh seafood shops and restaurants. You can easily buy or eat some fresh seafood which are caught in the morning near ports. The size of the area is approximately 200 square meters that you could take about 15 minutes on foot to see the whole.

Where to eat fresh seafood or sushi

‘Anywhere’ could be the answer because you can easily find some shops or restaurants after just a few minute walk. As one advice for having your favorite sushi, you should remember some Japanese words of seafood beforehand. Here’s the 10 popular ones for you including my best, Sea urchin!

① TunaMaguro⑥ Sea urchinUni
② SalmonSake⑦ Salmon roeIkura
③ Red snapperTai⑧ OctopusTako
④ ScallopHotate⑨ SquidIka
⑤ ShrimpEbi⑩ EggTamago

Besides, you do need to know Chutoro which is the name for medium fatty tuna, and Otoro is fatter than that. Chutoro is very popular among sushi lovers although it’s a bit expensive, but I’d like you to have it once to experience the king of Japanese sushi.

That’s all I could tell you to enjoy Tsukiji outer market and I attach the official website below for further information. Have fun!

How to visit by railways

  • Toei Oedo Line Tsukijishijo Sta. on 1-minute walk
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Tsukiji Sta. on 1-minute walk
  • Toei Asakusa Line Higashi-ginza Sta. on 3-minute walk
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