How to escape a expensive rent for living alone in Tokyo

A expensive rent could be a pain in the neck especially for a single person to live in popular cities like Tokyo. Everybody struggles to find a bargain room which is not so far away from the central of cities. But a modern style for living, that becomes one of the smart ways in some cities over Japan, has a lot of the help.


Shared house is the best way to reduce a expensive rent

The meaning of shared house in Japan is that some people share a living room, kitchen, and bathroom except for own rooms in one residence, and it became popular from around 2010 in Japan. The rent for each resident is usually different depending on a room, but even the most expensive one is generally cheaper than renting a residence alone.

Do you know how much it costs for a monthly rent to live alone in the central of Tokyo? The average rent as of 2017 is said around 620 dollars apart from utility bills. Actually, I’ve been living in a shared house located in the central of Tokyo for half a year to escape the high rent, and I’m gonna tell you my rent as the example.

My monthly rent is 378 dollars for a room with own bathroom

The kind price make it possible to enjoy Tokyo life while saving money a little, having hobbies, and hanging out with friends. Reducing fixed costs as much as possible is important for living in popular cities, and I recommend that international people who are not familiar with Japan choose a shared house for the first time.

Never mind, I’m gonna tell you how to find good shared houses for international people next time, and you could realize that it’s not difficult to start living Japan without any worries and troubles. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.