How to save money for shopping at convenience stores in Japan

When finding a weak point of convenience stores in Japan, I could say that the price is a bit more expensive than local supermarkets. It also means we gain the convenience instead of paying a bit extra money. But do you know there is a hidden convenience store where we could save money than usual convenience stores?


Lawson Store 100 is the good value for money

Lawson is one of typical convenience stores as well as Seven Eleven and Family Mart, but it’s not well known that Lawson also runs the cheaper ‘Lawson Store 100’ to basically offer all food and drink for ¥100 each. Some of them are over ¥100 like Bento for ¥300, but it’s still good cost performance.

Why can Lawson Store 100 offer so cheap?

Because almost items are made by the own brand called Value Line to directly affiliate with food and drink companies not to use any brokers. Against the cheapness, the quality of food and drink are quite good from my experience. Strictly speaking for the price, the each item costs ¥108 due to consumption tax for 8% in Japan.

How about comparing to normal Lawson?

The selection of items is good enough to get everything you want including alcohol, cigaret, and even daily goods. Besides, you could pay utility bills and use a point card Ponta just the same as normal Lawson.

For saving time to find Lawson Store 100 on the streets, I suggest using App like google maps on your smart phone in advance. Hope you could enjoy your shopping there and save food expenses at last.