How international people find a shared house to live in Japan

You should be smart if you think that reducing fixed costs at first is significant for a life in metropolis. Anyway, I was glad to hear that the last article helped some people know how to escape a expensive rent for living alone in popular cities of Japan.

This time, I’m gonna tell you the way to find awesome shared houses easily for international people who are already in Japan, or plan to come in the near future.


No worries if you’re not good at Japanese language yet

Nowadays, many international people have come to Japan with various purposes, and the number is expected to increase more toward Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Japan has tried to promote multilingual supports for them on transports, signs, guides, menus, websites, and so on. Looking for a residence is no exception, and I recommend you should find a shared house on the internet in your languages at first.

Find a shared house welcomed international people

The important thing you should care before the rent or location is that the shared house could welcome international people or not. It’s not so hard to find from my experience because many Japanese like to learn different languages, cultures, and habits with casual communications. Actually, I’ve bee living with English, Italian, Indian, Korean, and me Japanese in my shared house while sharing funny moments.

Gender and age are also noteworthy

Shared houses, which are only for women or have age limit, are not a little in addition to the nationalities. But you basically see these terms on advertisements beforehand, or easily ask them by emails. Through my careful search, I could introduce Top 3 websites for shared houses which are available in English.

TOKYO SHAREHOUSE:Share House portal site
Oakhouse - Original share houses and Furnished private apartments.
Smart Share House @Tokyo

Next time, I’m gonna post about a procedure to live in a shared house from finding to contracting with a easy few steps. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.