What Shime means on Japanese meal

You might have heard the short Japanese word during the dinner with Japanese people. Shime is a familiar word often used when we Japanese have consecutive dishes with some alcohol like in Izakaya. If you understand the meaning and say in front of Japanese people, you could be regarded as a person who well know Japanese food culture.


Shime means the last dish to finish a long meal with some alcohol

What do we eat for Shime? The question is a quite typical when closing lids of our stomachs and would be a signal to end up a happy mealtime soon. We can order anything we like for Shime, but drunk people tend to have a dish which is a very easy to swallow.

What Japanese dishes are popular for Shime

What do you wanna eat for Shime? According to some questionnaire, most of the popular dishes are like kind of noodles in soup or soft boiled rice. My favorite, Ramen, is the top of the questionnaire, and Udon, Soba, Ochazuke (boiled rice in green tea), and Zosui (porridge of rice and vegetables) follow the king of Shime.

Shime on the way home

I like to eat Ramen for Shime on the way home after drinking alcohol with some friends, and the way is pretty standard. Finding out a good dish for Shime in other places is one of fun to completely fulfill our stomachs. Just one thing we have to take care is not to throw up everything we have. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.