The Japanese fast food loved the most by international people

Speaking of Japanese fast food, what do you think of? Various fast food shops always makes us debate which one to choose on the streets in Japan, and it’s likely much fun for international people as well. Among these luxurious choices, a rice bowl especially got them hooked with the price, taste, and hospitality.


Gyudon is a bowl of boiled rice covered with cooked beef and vegetables

The beef bowl has been very popular for anyone not only busy Japanese office workers nowadays, and the top 3 shops called Matsuya, Yoshinoya, and Sukiya, are located anywhere in towns mainly near stations. International people who live in Japan say Matsuya is the best because of some reasons, and I also agree with it.

Beef bowl from .5 (¥380) with a cup of miso soup

Only Matsuya serves the kind soup with a beef bowl, and it’s been good evaluation from international people for long time. Besides, the ticket vending machine available for 4 languages including English, helps them enter the shops. The quickness that melas are served in just a few minutes is also impressive for them.

Simple procedure to get your meal from entering the shop

The first thing you enter the shop is to look for the ticket vending machine around the entrance. Then, you can buy food tickets by touching the screen with your language, and give the ticket to the shop staff after having a any vacant seat. Your meal should be served in 5 minutes on average.

At last, I recommend that you could check the menu on the website beforehand not to be upset in front of the ticket vending machine.
Thanks a lot for reading to the end, and enjoy your meal.