Smart app for Japanese trains is better than asking for sure

On my way to work every morning, I often see international travelers struggling in front of ticket machines or asking something to station staff. For even Japanese people, transferring by trains is quite complicated to go to the first place against the convenience. As the one of smart solutions to alleviate the unnecessary stress, I recommend a smartphone app which I’ve used in practice.


Smartphone app, NAVITIME for Japan Travel, helps your destinations, transfers, or plans for free

Seeing the result of my questionnaire ‘Have you ever had any troubles to buy tickets or exchange trains at the first time in Japan?’ on Facebook the other day, about one-third travelers answered ‘Yes’ with some reasons including complaints about english skills of station staff. According to their experiences, station staff didn’t understand properly what travelers asked, and replied completely wrong. I have to admit that english skills of employees who work at transportations is not good enough for international people, and that’s why I recommend this app as the alternative way.

Download the app from App Store or Google Play

After opening NAVITIME for Japan Travel on your smartphone, you just need to accept the ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ to continue. You can basically use for free even offline by searching free Wi-Fi spots.

Only 4 taps for getting the best way

First you tap ‘Route’ at the bottom, then type your departure on ‘FROM’ and destination on ‘TO’. Last you tap ‘SEARCH’ in the middle, you can see how to go with the fares, time, and so on.

If you only have plans to travel in Tokyo, Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists could be useful as well. Enjoy your trips!