The latest ticket information for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics - Closing ceremony

The impressive heat of Rio 2016 Olympics could turn out a trigger to lead some people to Japan in four years. Planning your secure trip to Tokyo in 2020 is not too early even now as the next one will be supposed to higher competitiveness.


Average price of whole tickets is expected for 75 dollars

The price was approximately calculated based on previous olympics, and 60% of the tickets will be within 50 dollars each.

When can we buy those tickets from?

Reportedly, we’ll be able to buy the 8 million tickets from July 24, 2019 on the official website of Tokyo 2020 Olympics at first, then also any convenience stores in Japan.

How much would the opening ceremony be?

The range of the price is said from 240 to 1440 dollars, and from 190 to 960 dollars for the closing ceremony on August 9, 2020.

The latest ticket information for Tokyo 2020 Olympics_1

How much would we pay for popular events?

The final or semi-final tickets of popular events like sprint or swimming are expected to reach to 290 dollars each, and it’s not only expensive but also quite difficult to secure for even Japanese people.

At last, I’d like to tell you that resale of the tickets is strictly banned, and take care not to buy from any auctions as there’s possibility your tickets are unavailable.
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