5 hidden cherry blossom spots for relax in Tokyo

Just after hearing good news that cherry blossoms finally bloom in Tokyo on March 17, I was quite upset to see snow in the freezing morning the other day. But we’ll be able to see lovely cherry blossoms, called Sakura in Japanese, in full bloom this weekend, and need to decide where to visit for viewing.

Basically, flower viewing for cherry blossoms, called Hanami in Japanese, is a lively party with alcohol on the ground. For those who would like to focus flower viewing with relax, I pick out only good hidden spots where are not so crowded and noisy.


Cherry blossoms keep pinky for about 2 weeks to fall

For viewing the best condition of cherry blossoms, you should visit the spots by the beginning of April at the latest or hopefully just after reading this article. Anyway, here’s 5 hidden cherry blossom spots where are quite popular among enthusiasts.

1, Tokyo University Komaba Campus

Note : Not allowed to bring any alcohol
Station : Komaba Todai Mae (Inokashira Line) or Shibuya (Yamanote Line)
Address : 3-8-1 Komaba Meguro-ku Tokyo-to

2, Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Note : Historical temple in silence
Station : Ikegami (Tokyu Ikegami Line)
Address : 1-1-1 Ikegami Ota-ku Tokyo-to

3, Sumida River Terrace

Note : Long cherry blossom road along river
Station : Asakusa (Ginza Line)
Address : 1-17-10 Yanagibashi Taito-ku Tokyo-to

4, Koganei Park

Note : 1,700 cherry trees in huge field
Station : Musashi Koganei (Chuo Line)
Address : 2-1-13-1 Sekinocho Koganei-shi Tokyo-to

5, Shinjuku Gyoen

Note : Entrance fee, No alcohol, Close at 4:30 p.m.
Station : Shinjuku gyoen (Marunouchi Line) or Sendagaya (Chuo Hon Line)
Address : 11 Naitomachi Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to

Have you decided where to visit? Even these spots where are not so popular for anyone, many visitors are expected during the time of full bloom. So please take care for your belongings in the crowd and enjoy nice flower viewings!