Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo suspected of plagiarism

Tokyo 2020 olympics logo suspected of plagiarism

How did it look to you at first sight?
For me, it was no other than deep disappointment, and wondered why the logo was recognized without a deliberate investigation.


The Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano refused allegations of the copy

Actually, the right logo in the picture was designed by Belgian designer Olivier Debie for the Belgian theater in 2013, and he immediately accused of the plagiarism.
But Sano said it was “groundless” and added the comment below.

There are elements that may look similar, but we have approached the design in a totally different manner. I have never been to Belgium or seen the theater logo.

Then, Debie made a simple movie to define the similarity by himself and opened on his tweet to claim the truth.

Your viewpoint might change after playing

It’s still controversial wherehter the suspicious logo is officially used or not, and I do hope the organization of Tokyo Olympics and the Japanese government will lead the right decision with prudent talks.
Thanks for reading.