Japanese pretty girl, Saya, asks reality with 3DCG


This is not just a normal photo of a Japanese school girl. We shouldn’t have any doubts till knowing she was created with 3D computer graphics, which use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images.


Her parents are Japanese freelance CG artists, TELYUKA, who are real husband and wife

The Japanese school girl named ‘Saya’ has been having a lot of appearances over Japan after TELYUKA unveiled her latest figure, Saya2016, on Twitter a few days ago.


She was born last year with Saya2015 which surprised us with the sensitive quality, and her latest appearance has been said beyond ‘uncanny valley’ completely.

Have a look at her overall picture again before you leave, and look forward to seeing her growth which will be unveiled by TELYUKA in the near future. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.