Travel website LIVE JAPAN surpasses any guide books for good

No guide books with you for a smarter trip. Using a lively travel website on your smartphone could be the time that you change the typical style to be more comfortable.


LIVE JAPAN offers accurate, detailed, and real time information

Honestly, I was quite impressed by the high quality travel website LIVE JAPAN, which considers convenience and kindness well for travelers. Even me Japanese, I could simply enjoyed searching interesting spots in Tokyo, and had new discoveries.

Easy steps to get information for the first time

LIVE JAPAN aims for a worldwide website that any travelers can easily use, and have 8 languages so far. You can choose your language on the top at first. Then, search information by typing words in the box or choosing a purpose from 4 categories.

Useful tools to keep in mind

As convenient searches during your trip, I’d like to pick out Wi-Fi Hotspot, ATM, and Tax-Free Shops in Facilities / Services that you can find them as scrolling down on the top page. It should be quicker and securer than asking Japanese on the streets.

Do you still think that travelers to Japan need to purchase any guide books? Having another look at typical ways is sometimes need to be smarter. Have a nice trip!