Awesome Japanese nature capture you with healing for 3 minutes

Would you like to see beautiful nature beyond imagination on your Japanese trip? Heading to north for a few hours by train from Tokyo, the serene world should welcome you with cure and admiration.


Autumn colors reflect as the most luxurious blessing

You might have heard the word ‘Tohoku’ on news when Japan had a devastating earthquake in Fukushima prefecture in 2011. Tohoku is a name of northeast region in Japan, and consists of six prefectures including Fukushima. Pessimistic things reached to our ears at that time though, we actually have to focus on the amazing nature which fascinates people for a long time in the traditional religion.

Anyway, I’d like you to watch this short movie, Autumn Colors in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD), if you could have an interest in the Japanese nature even a little.

A lot of travelers tend to visit lively popular spots in urban areas during a short stay, and go back home with excitement and souvenir. I know that’s a smart way of enjoying travel, but sometimes feel sad that they leave not to see fabulous scenes in person we could say ‘this is Japan’.