Coronavirus, the latest report of what Tokyo is like

No, I could say it if someone are planning to visit Tokyo right now for sightseeing. As you may know, the virus has already spread over Japan including Tokyo, and the total number of infected people reaches 1,111 on Mar 23. Except for Tokyo, the infection has found in other 41 of 47 prefectures. The fact surely tells us that nowhere is now safe to visit in Japan.


138 infected people confirmed in Tokyo so far

But I know some people have already planed to come to Tokyo, or can’t make a decision because of no information about local situation of Tokyo. That made me decide to answer some questions through my daily life in Tokyo.

Foreign tourists are decreasing?

I definitely say ‘Yes’ as long as I see trains, restaurants, and streets.

Any regulations for tourists at sightseeing spots?

Nothing special, but popular spots where people get together like Tokyo Disneyland, are closed and just postponed the period. You should make sure before visiting any spots.

Public transportations run as usual?

Yes, but I suggest that you should avoid rush hours especially for trains even if you ware a face mask.

Can I buy a face mask for protection?

Maybe, because the production is going up after being completely out of stocks anywhere in Japan. Just pop in drug stores, super markets, or convenience stores.

Price of accommodations are going down?

Not particularly, but easier to book even famous hotels.

Situation in Tokyo is getting better or worse?

I think it’s getting worse for the next few weeks because the handling for coronavirus by Japanese government was too late and incorrect.

That’s all I can tell you today. Since the first infected people was found in Tokyo on Feb 13, I’ve been feeling some changes of atmosphere in trains, workplace, and town. One thing I could say to anywhere is that people are gradually getting nervous by losing room in minds. Hope the virus perish completely as soon as possible.