Foreign tourists still have 2 serious complaints against Japan

Foreign tourists still have 2 serious complaints against Japan

Japan is generally thought to be a kind country for foreign tourists, but a survey for people who have been to Japan unveiled that they had common complaints during stay. Can you guess what it’s like from your viewpoint?


20 million people, about three times what it was 10 years ago, visited Japan in 2015

Toward Tokyo 2020 Olympics in four years, the number of tourists is expected to increase, and adapting life environment to world standard is a kind of duty for the host country. Anyway, let’s see honest answers of tourists about complaints on the survey, which are hopefully sorted out in the near future.

1. Free Wi-Fi is not enough in any public space

Tourists especially complains that they can’t connect well in stations, commercial facilities, or sightseeing spots although Japanese government try to spread areas for free Wi-Fi. As one of a little help not to be trouble, I recommend that you freely download App on your smartphones in advance.

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect
Automatic Connection App For Free Wi-Fi

2. English doesn’t really get through to any clerks

You might be surprised to hear the truth that Japanese students usually learn English for 6 years in compulsory education. Although students can get good scores on the paper test, they hardly speak English in person that it’s also said typical Japanese. Not to be frustrated in conversation with Japanese, you should learn simple Japanese words or phrase by yourself.

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One good news from me at last, my local station announced they provided free Wi-Fi for tourists just a few days ago.
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