Quick 7 answers for Coronavirus in Japan

No need to be scared too much though WHO has finally declared international emergency. Since the first infected person was unveiled in Japan, I’ve got a lot of questions from overseas about the local situation for the coronavirus over Japan. So I decided to quickly answer on the basis of reliable sources here.


Fear accurately with the right knowledge and information

Please refer to answers below if you’re thinking to visit Japan right now, and I hope you could have a better decision.

How many people are infected or passed away?

14 infected people, and no one has passed away. (Jan 31, 2020)

Can I buy any protections for the virus?

Yes, face masks or antiseptic solutions at any drug or convenience stores.

Can foreign tourists enter Japan?

Yes, but there’s an inspection at immigrations to deny infected people.

Any regulations at tourist spots?

Nothing much, but some shops show a signboard to refuse chinese people.

How many Chinese people are staying as tourists?

So many, as Japan is the most popular country for them.

When do coronavirus perish completely from Japan?

May, but it may be earlier by the drug development.

What do you do to protect yourself from virus?

I always wear a face mask when going out, and try to avoid to go to spots where are fulled of people. Then, surely to wash hands and gargle when returning home.

That’s all I can tell you today. Actually, we don’t really need to be afraid of this new virus like SARS and MERS. The fatality rate is now about 2%, and most of the dead are especially elderly or people who have chronic disease. Be sure to have enough precautions and we human being will beat the virus after all.