Tokyo have now a possibility of lockdown as Coronavirus cases surge

Finally, we’ve faced unprecedented situation to prepare for lockdown here in Tokyo. Our governor, Yuriko Koike, indicated the possibility at a press conference on Mar 25 over a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus infections. But does it really happen even if we seriously stay at home in the next few days?


Lockdown may become the only option left

I think that the worst 41 cases the same day on Mar 25 became an opportunity to consider lockdown. The increasing rate of the infection in the last few days were outstanding, and much higher than expected.

Following the unfavorable result, Koike had a speech including a possibility of lockdown in Tokyo for nearly an hour. To tell you the important things simply, I just summarized it into three points.

1, Stay at home this weekend as much as possible

2, Avoid closed conversation, space, and spots

3, Realize crucial phase before overshoot

Koike said that Tokyo could go into lockdown if all steps fail to slow the spread of the virus. To prevent the worst case, we now need to take right actions each other.

How about circumstances of town in Tokyo right now?

The number of people who walk on the streets seems the same as usual, but the most of them wear face masks. Like I said before, getting face masks is still difficult and the price is quite high. As for foods and drinks, some people rushed stores to prepare for lockdown, but my local stores have enough merchandise so far.

In many countries, people need to keep patience in the coming few weeks under the lockdown. Tokyo should learn smart ways in advance from the other countries, and keep the damage at a minimum for people who passed away.