Live how Coronavirus is spreading over Japan


Are you worried about the infections of coronavirus in Japan? Especially for people who are planning to visit Japan in the next few weeks, knowing the latest situation of the infection should be a crucial part. I believe this is the smart way that anybody can easily understand what it’s like at a glance.


The first infection in Japan was found in Kanagawa prefecture on Jan 14

In my opinion, just seeing over general news is not good enough to understand the whole situation of infection in fact. When I knew Coronavirus COVID-19 Japan Case by Each Prefecture, I thought it’s very helpful for many people as English was also available. This is exactly what a picture is worth a thousand words.

ArcGIS Dashboards

As you see, the infection has already spread over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and it means other clear prefectures are in danger. The total confirmed is increasing to 1,111 while just I’m writing this.

But the remarkable fact we never miss is the number of total recovered is also increasing day by day. We don’t need to be too pessimistic if some media emphasize only the death toll.

I thinks this lively map is the best tool so far to grasp infections over Japan. Please make a smart decision while following the latest movement, and take care for your health than anything else.