Unbelievable ticket prices for Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially launched

How much can you pay for the opening day ticket of Olympic Games? The announcement about the ticket prices officially reported the other day, has been controversial because of the silly maximum prices.


Maximum price of the opening day ticket is almost the same as London 2012 Olympics

Even big fans of Olympic Games, they should think that it might as well watch TV at homes as pay ¥288,000 for the only one ticket. The price on Japanese yen is converted for $2,600 or €2,200 at the current rate. As for the each track-and-field event, the maximum price is said ¥108,000 so far.

Is this historical competition for only posh people?

I understand that the host country have to collect enough money to compensate the expenditures at least, and make a big success as one of businesses. But setting high prices for the tickets could have a possibility of loosing fairness that anybody has a right to participate in and enjoy.

In my opinion, the host country should not expect much to collect a lot of money from the ticket sales. The first important thing for the host country is to attract overseas people as many as possible, and try to urge their consumptions with proper hospitality during the stays. Don’t you think that’s more efficient and visitors can spend a good time?