What is the new imperial era Reiwa after Heisei?

Have you ever heard of a Japanese imperial era? Actually, Japan has a distinctive era calendar ‘Wareki’ in addition to a western year calendar to present the years. Reiwa is the name of the new imperial era on the Japanese calendar after ending over 30 years of Heisei era.


Reiwa starts on 1 May 2019 with the new emperor

Today is the historical day for Japan in a few decades to change an era from Heisei to Reiwa. The emperor Akihito, who keeps peace Heisei era for 30 years, abdicates the thrown to take it over to his son Naruhito at imperial palace. In Japan, the new imperial era basically begins when the emperor replaces on the traditional ceremony.

Crown prince Naruhito is the 126th emperor of Japan

The emperor of Japan is the oldest royal family in the world which has lasted for 2700 years, and is the only one after the Ethiopian Dynasty was destroyed in 1974. It sounds sort of miracle when thinking it’s older than Christ.

Lastly, I introduce a YouTube video which explains a Japanese imperial era very well in just 5 minutes to help you better understand. Let’s have good starts with the new era!