Smart tips for the first visit of Tokyo Skytree

Smart tips for the first visit of Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is one of the most popular spots for many people in Japan recently and there’re some tips to avoid crowded people and long queue. Before the main subject, Do you know how high Tokyo Skytree is?


Tokyo Skytree (634m) is the second highest structure in the world

Anyway, You’d better visit the website of Tokyo Skytree at first and look it over in English, then things you need to remember are just a few.

1. Ticket

As you see in the website, you can purchase the ticket in advance online but the reservation is in Japanese only. I’m sorry but you can get the day ticket at the “TOKYO SKYTREE 4th floor Ticket Counter” at the day you visit.

2. Time, Date and Season

Firstly, which view would you like to have, clear whole city or light net of Tokyo? It might depend on a person or the situation but I’d recommend that you visit in the morning to garb structure of Tokyo on sunny day.

Secondly, check out Japanese national holidays on this website. Red marks on dates are basically holidays, and Summer holidays of students is from the end of July to just the beginning of September and Winter one is for about 3 weeks from the end of December. A lot of families visit Tokyo Skytree during the period every year.

At last, we have rainy season in around June and take care of the news of typhoon, thunder and snow. Tokyo Skytree sometimes closes when the weather conditions are not good for great view.

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3. Information

Operating hours : 8:00〜22:00
Access by trains :
Google maps : Tokyo Skytree

I suggest that you go to Tokyo Skytree on foot fome Asakusa after sightseeing if you like, because the duration is just 20 minutes. That’s all from me, and I hope you’ll have a great time!