Japanese Halloween livend up by unique cosplayers


For the last few days, a lot of unique cosplayers had been showing off their own expression of Halloween on the streets in hotspots. The number of people who go out has increased year by year, and being reported the scene during the event by various medias is sort of routine.


Halloween becomes as big market as Valentine’s day

You might know that Christmas has the hugest market among those foreign events in Japan, and the popularity of Halloween could get over Valentine’s day in the near future for the second.


Two popular spots where cosplayers get together in Tokyo

You should go to Shibuya or Ikebukuro if you’d like to see quality cosplayers as many as possible in a short time. Both spots have stations of the same names on Yamanote Line by train. Actually, you’re surrounded with crowded people in a moment, so just take care of your belongings although police go on patrol there.




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