How to apply for ¥100,000 on virus relief

Finally, Japanese government seems to make a decision about an individual benefit on COVID-19. They say that all citizens including foreign nationalities can probably get ¥100,000 each under some conditions. That’s a great announcement especially for foreigners as they are also struggling to live with no any supports so far. As a preparation for the upcoming financial help, I’d like to summarize simply what you need to know in advance.


Resident registration and my number card required

First, make sure whether you’ve registered in basic resident register of your municipalities. I think you’ve already done this as long as you live in Japan. If not, go to register straightaway!

Second, prepare for my number card that should be delivered when the registration is completed. If you don’t have the green card on hand, go to your local municipalities to make it.

When is the money paid around and how?

As it stands, it’s scheduled around the middle of May at the earliest, and transfered to each bank account which is applied beforehand.

How do we apply for the benefit?

Government says that we can most likely apply by sending the application which is gonna be delivered in advance to a resident in basic resident register. We can choose the way to send by post or online, but online should be available for those who have my number card.

Is it paid for the number of family members?

Yes, if there’re three people in your family, it means you can get ¥300,000 in total. The head of household needs to apply as a representative of family.

That’s all I could tell you so far. I tried to summarize on the basis of the latest information, but please check carefully about this financial plan. Because our leader tends to change his remarks several times in a short period. Stay home, stay safe!