How to stay up all night with KARAOKE in Japan

How to stay up all night with KARAOKE in Japan

Karaoke has been well known in the world these days since it was invented by some Japanese in 1960’s.
People normally think that Karaoke is to enjoy singing for just a few hours, but singing at Karaoke Box till next morning is not so special in Japan.


Karaoke Box is a entertainment facility which has a lot of private rooms for Karaoke

The number of that is nearly 10,000 in Japan, and you can find it quite easy on the street especially around lively places.
When you step in the entrance, some easy procedures are needed at the reception before going to a designated room to sing.
The machines of Karaoke usually have 200,000 songs including many oversea’s popular songs, and you can see the lyrics on the screen while singing.


The reasons people use a Karaoke Box till next mornig

Two main reasons are picked up for that, and these are the fee and location.
The fee is not so expensive for even young people, because the average fee for each person during the night is almost 2,000 Japanese yen (17 dollars at current rate).
And any Karaoke Box tends to locate around train stations, so it’s easy to go home in the early morning.

As we told you in the last post, there’re some enjoyable ways till morning in Japan.

You should know time schedule of any public transports in advance, but you don’t need to worry how to spend all night as long as you’re confident with your energy.