How vegans can live in Japan comfortably

Have you ever heard that living in Japan is hell for vegans? From my viewpoint as a Japanese, I could say that’s almost true because veganism is not familiar in Japan yet. Anyway, let me tell you first how many vegans are in Japan.


Vegans in Japan is only 2.7% of the total population

Compared to other developed counties, the ratio below 3% seems to be low. You might wonder why veganism doesn’t penetrate in Japan which should consider healthy eating style. The main reason is thought that meat and fish have taken root in Japan for a long time, and Japanese can’t have satisfaction on meals without them. Plus, claiming something difference with others in public tends to be refrained, could also be the reason.

How about vegan restaurants in Tokyo?

Although recognition against veganism is not good enough yet in Japan, the number of vegan restaurants is gradually increasing in fact. I’m quite sure that vegans from overseas don’t struggle to find out the restaurants if they know beforehand. For now, I’d like to tell you the 5 best restaurants in Tokyo that Japanese vegans really recommend.

  1. SAIDO (菜道)
  3. AIN SOPH. ripple
  5. Rainbow Rawfood

Why don’t you take Japanese vegetables at home?

Visiting these restaurants could be great fun for foreign tourists, but vegans who are supposed to live in Japan for a long time, shouldn’t be suitable as the expenses. So I’d like to recommend that you should cook for yourself at home by using abundant Japanese vegetables. Here’s a great cooking website for vegans.

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I think that veganism will spread over Japan steadily as J Vegan Association and Vege Project Japan give us the huge support. Besides, recent announcement by Japanese popular celebrity ROLA who aims to be a vegan, should influence for young generation. That’s all from me today, and thanks for reading to the end. I’m just going to McDonald’s for dinner.