What if Tokyo Olympics isn’t held in summer 2021

Does this Tokyo Olympics also fade way like 1940? When the inevitable postponement was decided on March 24, there was a possibility to be called off as well. Because COVID-19 almost became a pandemic over the world, and having the prospect to an end was quite hard at that time. But people are now wondering whether the olympics is surely held on the postponed date or not.


Tokyo Olympics is scheduled from July 23 to August 8, 2021

Frankly speaking, I think the olympics is held next year as scheduled. The main reason is that infection of Corona has almost settled down even Tokyo. Of course, the opening depends on how the situation of Corona is going from now on though.

How’s Corona like in Tokyo at the moment?

Reportedly, new infected people in Tokyo was just 11 today and the number is decreasing in the last couple of weeks. Under the state of emergency, people still try to stay at home to prevent from the infection. As it stands, Japanese government should decide to life the state of emergency at the end of this month.

How about not being held in 2021?

Just a few hours ago, we were honestly disappointed to hear a statement from IOC’s president Thomas Bach. He said that the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics would have to be cancelled if it cannot take place next summer. It means we might not see Olympic Games in Japan while we’re alive.

As you know, most countries have got a huge economic loss by COVID-19. In Japan, many companies or shops have gone out of business, and people are suffering from getting living costs. Making up for the any losses, Japan has to take advantage of the great opportunity. Whatever it takes!