Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo scrapped amid plagiarism

Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo scrapped amid plagiarism

It might be a proper decision to show general morality to the world.
It’s been a controversial issue how to deal with the suspicious log since the possibility of plagiarism was pointed out.


Dismal start brought vague worries on people

Just the next day I posted the article about Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo below, the committee decided to scrap the controversial logo.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo suspected of plagiarism
How did it look to you at first sight? For me, it was no other than deep disappointment, and wondered why the logo was r...

Kenjiro Sano, the Japanese designer of the logo, still refuses to accept the failure of the shameful copy, but it’s not a problem to believe him or not for the high prestige competition of the world.

Here’s a part of official comments by Toshiro Muto who is a director general of the Tokyo Organising Committee.

We’re certain the two logos are different. But there was a sense of crisis that we thought could not be ignored. The reason we’re withdrawing the logo is because it no longer has public support.

It’s said as “an appropriate decision” among the majority of Japanese people who already expect the new emblem to come up.
Although there’re various opinions and ideas, the fact remains that Japan has to start running again after stumbling.