Time trip with Tokyo Culture Story for 5 minutes


Tokyo Culture Story is a short video presented by BEAMS the other day, and it could be a masterpiece when tracking culture and fashion of Tokyo in an instant.


BEAMS, Japanese closing brand based on Harajuku district of Tokyo, is loved by young people for 40 years

Harajuku is a quite attractive area if you’d like to touch the latest Japanese culture and fashion with some fun. As the epicenter of fashion, BEAMS has always inspired people who try to find own styles in fashion. Anyway, take a look at their awesome video shortened 40 year trace to 5 minute walk.

The song playing with the video ‘Konya wa Boogie Back’ was firstly released in 1994, and covered so many times by various artists. It’s like a representative song of young generation, which is still popular for Karaoke.
Thanks a lot for reading to the end.