LUNA SEA imply original composers for LUV on the special interviews

How about their 9th new album LUV released in 4 years for you? Today, I’d like to answer an inquiry from a big fan of LUNA SEA about original composers for LUV. Prepare for your expectation to each song while listening to all songs.


All lyrics and music written as LUNA SEA on liner notes

For fairness of royalty and acknowledgment of group work, they’ve officially indicated LUNA SEA to all works for a long time, but enthusiastic fans are eager to know original composers for each song. That’s one of fun to seek the sources from internet, TV, radio, magazine or gig. Fortunately, I was able to find the complete answer from their interviews on the special site this time. Here’s the list of original composers for LUV.

1, Hold You Down / INORAN
2, Brand New Days / J
3, 誓い文(Chikaibumi) / SUGIZO
4, piece of a broken heart / RYUICHI
6, Miss Moonlight / J
7, 闇火(Yamibi) / SUGIZO
8, Ride the Beat, Ride the Dream / INORAN and SHINYA
9, Thousand Years / INORAN
10, Limit / J
11, So Sad / RYUICHI

How many songs could you get correct? I got a few songs by SUGIZO because I’m a big fan of him and used to play the guitar for covering his plays. Anyway, let’s have fun to watch a music video for Hold You Down by INORAN at last.