Use up the leftover JPY coins for pocket souvenirs

How do you deal with leftover coins when finishing overseas travel? If you were in Japan leaving from Narita airport one day, there’s a smart way to take advantage of the pretty nuisance in your pockets.


Gacha gacha is a small vending machine for capsule toys

A lot of Japanese people used to play Gacha gacha in childhood, and the exquisite of toys has revolutionary improved to amuse even adults. The traditional figure toy is also picked up as one of the Japanese modern culture, and getting popular for many tourists as a souvenir.

That’s the reason that Narita airport decided to set up many Gacha gacha machines on the fifth floor of the first terminal building, and the first basement floor of the main building in Terminal 2. Tourists who are waiting for return flights can enjoy the boring time while using up leftover coins.

Gacha gacha is like a sweet gamble for children

The variety of Gacha gacha machines might tease you which to get, and only you can do is to choose the category of the figure toys such as Anime character, Japanese food, Sightseeing symbol, and so on. Then, you don’t exactly know what to get till opening a capsule, which is selected in the box at random.

Easy 3 steps to get your toy

It’s not so difficult to play Gacha gacha even for the first time as you could see the guidance in English, so I could leave out the detail here.

1, Insert some coins for one capsule
2, Turn around the big knob clockwise
3, Take your capsule from the outlet

If you have an opportunity to go to Akihabara in Tokyo which is called sacred place of Otaku, there’re two mega Gacha gacha shops I do recommend. You could have the best one for yourself there except from souvenirs for others.

Location:3-15-5, MN bldg.1F, Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open: 11:00-20:00 (Fri.Sat.&day before a holiday 11:00-22:00/ Sun.&Holidays 11:00-19:00)/Open all year

Location: 1-15-4 Radio-Kaikan-Ichigokan bldg. 7F, Soto-kanda, Tokyo
Open: 11:00-20:00/Closed on Wed.