Why Tokyo can’t go into lockdown easily

Many people over the world are wondering why Tokyo hasn’t been in lockdown yet, and I’ve been asked the natural question a lot through social media. Anybody can now see a critical situation that the infection of COVID-19 is spreading especially in major cities over the world, and definitely think that Tokyo governor is crazy not to learn precautions from previous cases in other countries. But there is a hopeless reason she can’t decide lockdown in Tokyo.


Japanese law prevents a forced shutdown in Tokyo

As you may know, Japan is a constitutional country to particularly show off the stability of safe for a long time. But now, we’re facing a crisis of life due to the boastful law that doesn’t allow lockdown like other countries do.

Although Japanese government made a COVID-19 special measures law on Mar 14, it doesn’t have any compelling forces on people, stores, schools, companies, or transportations. On the basis of the law, Tokyo governor can only request to stay at home, close facilities, or refrain from events.

Any punishment or fine for going out?

Actually, we’re just requested not to go out except for nonessential and non-urgent outings. So some careless people go out as usual even without a face mask! But they never have any penalties about the ridiculous act as Japanese law saves them ironically.

Need permission to go in and out Tokyo?

There is no particular regulation on transportations so far, and we don’t need to have any permission in advance. As long as I hear, passengers on trains or busses are much decreasing to avoid infection in closed space.

In the last few days, the increasing rate of infection in Tokyo is quite high and the number in a day recorded over 100 for the first time yesterday. Finally, the total infection in Tokyo reaches over 1,000 and the number is expected to rise highly in the next few weeks.

As for me, I’ve worked from home for about a month and only go out for getting foods a couple of times a week. Keeping this kind of routine for a long time can be a stress for anybody, but I believe that the self-restrain by everyone over the world can be equal to vaccine against COVID-19. Stay safe!