Sky travel over Japan for 5 minutes at home

Have you given up to visit Japan or forced to change plans because of Coronavirus? In the last few weeks, I’ve got many inquiries about local situation in Japan, and had to give negative answers as the situation has been getting worse day by day. For many people who are disappointed at the reality, I just looked for something positive about Japan, and found an amazing short video.


Helicopter-mounted system captures Hakodate, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Tokyo

In Japan, we are obliged not to go to places where many people get together, and try to stay at home as much as possible. Being at home for a long time should be a hard burden for anyone, and you’re also the one of them. Though we have different ways for a pastime, I’m pretty sure that most people could easily change their mood by watching this video. Maximum 8K is available but please adjust the image quality at your best while watching.

How was the sky travel over Japan? I’m glad if this could be a little help to make your plan. Nobody knows when exactly we get back an ordinary life again, but we can draw a dream anywhere even in the gloomy days.