What if apprentice Geisha played hard rock?

Do you know that there’s a long and harsh way to be a full-fledged Geisha? An apprentice Geisha called Maiko have to learn a lot of things from their youth onward like Japanese classical music, traditional dance, witty games, polite conversation and so on.

But I’ve never heard that they need to play even hard rock in a band while wearing Kimono. A music video launched by BAND-MAIKO formed all Maiko, has gone viral over the world as an unprecedented performance.


BAND-MAIKO is an exclusive band disguised by BAND-MAID for only April Fool’s Day

When hearing the word of BAND-MAIKO, most fans of BAND-MAID should have realized the pretty prank. BAND-MAID, a all girl rock band from Japan, combines a rock sound with a maid image modeled on Japanese maid cafes, and have already performed at many venues over the world. Anyway, let’s watch the hot video below.

Could you hear the high-pitched sounds by Shamisen which is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument? It seems to play an important role for the distinctive sound. Lastly, I want you to listen to the original song ‘secret My lips’ included their first full album ‘Jus bring it’ to compare. Which lips do you like better?