Japanese Valentine’s day is nothing like others

Japanese Valentine's day is nothing like others

Do you give a special gift to a lover or exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day in your country? In Japan, we celebrate the happy day in a unique style made by smart chocolate companies to boost theirs sales.


Women usually give chocolates to men to express some loves

The distinctive custom was made in late 1970, and it’s been favored among Japanese women for a long time. Around this time, many Japanese snack companies try to advert for their sales on medias or markets in stiff competition.

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Two types of chocolate you should remember

The Valentine’s chocolate can be distinguished by depending on how women have feelings for men. Giri-Choco (obligation chocolate) are sweet gifts from women who would like to show daily gratitude for her bosses, colleagues, friends, family and so on. On the contrary, Honmei-Choco (sincere chocolate) is the only one for a specific man that a woman truly falls in love.

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Japanese valentine’s day is a good opportunity to be couples

As you could guess, some Japanese men suffer from whether the chocolate is Giri or Honmei, but Honmei-Choco could be given with some love words in romantic atmosphere. So we Japanese men could recognize it unless we’re dull or overconfident.

Actually, there’re other types of chocolate like Tomo-Choco (for friendship), Gyaku-Choco (for women), but that’s ok if you knew the existence of Giri-Choco at least not to confuse you in Japan. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.