Japanese metal band DIR EN GREY show any pain around the world

Japanese metal band DIR EN GREY show any pain around the world

Some people could say that a kind of metal music is nothing but noise to be deceived by the loud and heavy sounds.
We sometimes need to throw stereotypes away to realize real expression by artists.


The spirits of DIR EN GREY deeply flow at the bottom of their music

You might have heard X JAPAN as a representative band of Japanese metal bands, and the leader named Yoshiki produced DIR EN GREY from major label in 1999.
No sooner had they widely appeared on music medias than their popularity rapidly spread not only in Japan but also to the world.

The genre of their music is comprehensively called as “Visual Kei” in Japan by previous their looks and sounds, but some of bands don’t be called like the rough category because they have own distinctive originality in music.

It’s hard to explain their music by one word as they use many factors of various music like extreme metal, alternative, experimental and so on.
But the root of this band is pain embraced in human beings, so the sounds are basically to be hard, strong, and sorrowful.

They released their new album “ARCHE” last year and are now having the gigs in USA as part of world tour.
It might be interesting to see their gig in person as new experience if you guys could have an opportunity in your country.

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