Japanese 3DCG girl ‘Saya’ finally starts moving for the reality

Anyone realize that she was created by a kind of CG without the title? She was living in pictures at my previous post here but now came out after taking a year to be closer to us human being.

Let’s take a look her growth although she’s still the same 17 years old as the last year.


Saya has been living to call for the reality since 2015

Her Japanese parents, TELYUKA who are active at the forefront of 3DCG, announced that Saya was somehow born at the age of 17 in 2015. It became a hot topic right away over Japan with the high quality work, and their latest announcement, ‘Saya finally starts moving’, really surprised us again. You should forget to blink during the minute movie.

It’s really fun to see the breakthrough of CG these days, but also true we have a little bit fear we can’t tell them apart by ourselves. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.