How to get the most out of Japanese Christmas

On the Christmas Eve in your countries, spending with a family at home for the next day might be just a common. But here in Japan, it could be a quite boring way not to have fun outside especially for young people.


Going out to meet romantic spots anyway

Around this time of year in Japan, many couples start thinking how to spend for Christmas and going out to see fabulous Christmas lights is a must on the romantic date. As for single persons, they struggle to find a significant other not to be alone on the special day. Christmas is a particularly huge event in Japan despite we Japanese are basically not christians, and cities get most lively in a year under the big market. Are you ready to be attracted with the lovely decorations?

Christmas lights hopping through the night in Tokyo

Actually, there’re a lot of spots for lovely Christmas lights which are worth seeing in person. Searching well the places and transportations in advance is very important not to waste time and spoil the precious day. Please refer to my previous post as a little help for your plan.

The best 5 of lovely Christmas Lights in Tokyo
Around this time of the year, Japan is wrapped in happy lights dat by day. Many streets, buildings, stores and homes are...

From my experience, I could say that Ao no Dokutsu SHIBUYA is the best lights ever. Ao no Dokutsu, which means ‘Blue Cave’ in English, is a 800m road decorated with about 600,000 blue lights to make fantastic and romantic space.

The lights are turned on from 5 to 10p.m. every day till 31st of December, and hope you don’t miss the rare opportunity to experience to be embraced by the blue world.