The latest cherry blossom forecast 2020 for major cities in Japan

Spring is just around the corner even though we’ve had a serious problem over the world. In other words, cherry blossom is just waiting to bloom as usual while we’re struggling to deal with Coronavirus. How about planning to see the lovely gift to wipe gloomy mood away?


The first bloom is expected in Tokyo on Mar 13

Reportedly, cherry blossom start blooming a bit earlier than usual due to a record warm weather over Japan. If the first bloom is confirmed in Tokyo as expected, it’s supposed to be the most earliest bloom in the written history.

But you also have to know a disappointing fact that many festivals for cherry blossom are being cancelled by the influence of Coronavirus. Besides, Japanese government officially urged us not to go to any spots where people get together till the infection settles.

Whatever they say, that’s ok if you avoid the crowds and enjoy seeing the lovely cherry blossom while strolling around or something like that. So where are you gonna be in around the time cheery blossoms bloom? Here’s the simple list about the first and full bloom in each major city over Japan.

CityFirst BloomFull Bloom

As you see, we’re gonna enjoy cherry blossom for a week at least anywhere in Japan. I do hope cherry blossom change the pessimistic atmosphere by Coronavirus and everyone gets a normal life back soon.