The 3 advantages of Japanese transport IC cards like Suica or PASMO for travelers

The first thing you arrive in Japan for a comfortable travel is to get a transport IC card called Suica or PASMO. Narita or Haneda airports, which you’re supposed to arrive in from overseas, offer the first opportunity to have the smart cards that should take any nuisances away on transportations during your stay. The functions both cards have are almost the same except for the issuing companies.


Anyone can easily get Suica or PASMO at many places with no nuisances

Even if you miss the card at the airports, you can get it at any transportation spots like stations after taking the easy procedure in front of the ticket machine. The guidance of multilingual support on the screen helps you purchase easily from ¥1,000 to ¥10,000 including ¥500 deposit which is refunded when turning back your card. Anyway, I simply explain why I do recommend that travelers should have a transport IC card during stays.

1. No need to pick small coins up from wallets

The six types of Japanese small coins are not only make your wallets heavy but also give you burden to calculate total amount at each payment. Everything is Ok you only place your card on the reader as long as the balance remains in it.

2. No need to look the fees up to destinations

I see travelers struggle how much they should pay to their destinations in front of ticket machines at stations every morning. The calculation should be more complicated if there are transfers on the way. You’d just better touch and go with a Suica or PASMO to save your precious time without any stress.

3. The magical cards are also available for convenience stores, chain restaurants, or vending machines

You can also use the card on the streets for other purposes, and the spots to use have increased day by day. When you’d like to use Suica or PASMO for your payment at convenience stores or chain restaurants, just tell store clerks beforehand.

I think Japanese government have to try to let travelers know the existence of transport IC cards, and it should be a significant step in preparation for Tokyo 2020 Olympics as well. Thanks a lot for reading to the end.